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BattleTech: Hour of the Wolf $7.99
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Christopher H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/04/2021 22:59:43

The clan invasion storyline started in the 90s and finally comes to a close, or does it? Two factions with the most elite of warriors bred for war. Their leaders Khan Alaric Ward of Clan Wolf and chingis Khan Malvina Hazen of Clan Jade Falcon will blaze over Terra to crush Exarch Devlin Stone's Republic of the Sphere, defenders of terra. But in the end, only one Clan can take Terra and the mantle of IlClan and reforge the Star League.

Blaine Lee Pardoe takes war across earth, with the many 32nd century machines of war. The on going battles keep pulling you inward and slowly ramp themselves upward becoming a catalyst that will see country sides in ash.

We are into a new era of Battletech. Whether you are a grizzled veteran of the 3rd Succession Wars or fresh into the fiction Hour of the Wolf is a perfect starting point into a new chapter of the interstellar game of war.

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BattleTech: Hour of the Wolf
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